festmods (festmods) wrote in wincest_j2_fest,

Modly whores...

We're only halfway through our first day and we've already got 24 sign-ups! That's awesome for a fest's first year. Yay!

But we're greedy and want lots and lots of gorgeous fic and art to enjoy over the festive period, so pimp, people, pimp! Tell your friends! Tell your friends to tell their friends! We all love giving and receiving over the holidays, right? Make everyone you know sign up. Blackmail them with that secret embarrassing photo you have of them in your photobucket account. The more people join in, the more exciting the fest will be.


We just need to clarify 'art' -- this means traditional painting, drawing, whatever-you-guys-do-on-those-arty-program-wotsits, etc. As much as we all love graphics, we're trying to keep this first year of the fest simple. If this year goes well, then next year (or perhaps Valentine's or Summer fests) we'll branch out a bit to include more variety.


On a similar note, if anyone out there with graphic-mojo and a bit of spare time on their hands would like to create some icons for this fest, we'll probably pass out with gratitude. And love you forever.


That's it for now. Happy sign-ups, everyone!
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