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Sign-up/introduction post

Introducing the 2007 Wincest/J2 Fest!



Please read everything here!

Fest info:

1. Sign-ups will close August 26. Assignments will be sent out one week later.

2. You must be 18 to participate in this fest, and you must state your age -- or supply an age statement -- in your sign up form.

3. This fest is for Wincest and J2 only. And for simplicity's sake, we are restricting the Wincest to Sam/Dean. J2 is, of course, Jared/Jensen.

4. This is an anonymous fest. You may not choose who writes/draws for you, or vice versa.

5. You must join this community in order to participate. Lurkers are encouraged to friend it.

Submission info:

1. All work must be in by no later than November 10. If you are unsure of your ability to complete a piece of fic or art by then, do not sign up.

2. Fic must be at least 2000 words long. There is no upward limit.

3. The mods reserve the right to refuse entry of any work that falls below decent grammar standards. FYI, this isn't likely to happen, but mods will not hesitate to send back your work for re-editing if we feel it requires it. Please use a beta reader (or two).

4. All HTML must be in place (such as italics). The mods will not do this for you, and will post all work as we receive it.

5. All work must be sent to wincest_j2_fest@yahoo.co.uk


1. Mods will post gifts daily over the Holiday period. Posting start-date will depend on the number of participants -- we'll keep you informed. The Masterlist will go up January 4.

2. Submissions should come with the following header:

Author/Artist: (Will be removed before posting)
Gift for: (Please supply their proper LJ username)
Pairing: (Remember only J2 or Sam/Dean is allowed)
Notes: (Optional. Please refrain from naming your betas if it is likely to give away your identity)

Sign-Up Form

Please fill this out IN FULL and post it in a comment.

Email: (If you can help it, please don't supply us with an @livejournal.com address. They often bounce.)
Age: (Or age statement.)

Would you prefer to receive fic or art (or either):
Will you be giving fic or art (or either):

Would you prefer to receive Wincest or J2 (or either):
Will you be giving Wincest or J2 (or either):

For the gift you will be RECEIVING:
Any special requests/kinks:
Any squicks:
Any cliches/scenarios you don't want to see:
Any cliches/scenarios you love:

For the gift you will be GIVING:
Any squicks you refuse to write/draw:
Genre you feel most comfortable writing/drawing in:
Highest rating you will be willing to write/draw:

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